▶️ Trial dates set for accused killer; victim’s family says life sentence not enough


A Bend man accused of killing three people earlier this year will stand trial next spring.

Randall Kilby, 35, is accused of killing 43-year-old Daphne Dawn Killian-Banks, 66-year-old Jeffrey Taylor and 69-year-old Benjamin Taylor.

In January, Killian-Banks was taken off life-support after suffering injuries from an assault in a home on Christmas Day.

In late March, the two brothers-in-law were found dead inside the same home.

That home, located at 60971 Granite Drive was destroyed by fire in early April.

Kilby pleaded not guilty to the charges in May.

Friday’s court appearance proved to be an emotional one for the daughters of Killian-Banks.

In fact, Rio and Laci Killian say they had no idea Kilby would be present.

“Seeing him face to face is almost too hard,” Laci said.

In tears, Rio told Central Oregon Daily News that the family will attend every single court date.

“We want him to know that my mom had people that loved her, and had daughters that loved her, and grandkids that loved her,” Rio said. “People that miss her.”

A judge set two separate trial dates for Kilby.

In April, Kilby will go to trial for two second-degree murder charges against Jeffrey and Benjamin Taylor.

In May, he will stand before a jury on second-degree murder charges against Killian-Banks.

“I think it’s just important for people to remember that you don’t know how long you’re going to have your loved ones for,” Rio said. “It could be traumatic like this.”

It was the state’s preference to set the Taylor trial prior to the Killian-Banks trial.

The Killian sisters tell Central Oregon Daily News they do not believe life in prison is long enough.


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