▶️ Titles, rivalries, undefeated season: Big weekend for CO high school sports



This might be the biggest weekend for high school sports in a long time.

Title games, rivalries, undefeated seasons are on the line.

There were times last year when it seemed we might not see any of that, but now these athletes get their chances in the spotlight.

“It feels pretty good to know that we wanted it enough, put in the work and that we deserve to be here,” Ridgeview senior Scout Bale said about playing in the teams Intermountain Conference league title game Friday.

The Ridgeview girls team went from not knowing if they would have a season, to winning two league overtime playoff games, to now fighting for a chance to bring home a league title.

This weekend is extra special for athletes considering COVID kept many of these students from a chance to compete at all last year.

“I always believed we would make it this far, I am really, really excited and thankful that we even got to play this season and that we did make this far because we deserve it,” said Ridgeview senior Marcella Franco.

The Ridgeview girls aren’t the only Ravens playing in a league title game against Hood River Valley.

The boy’s soccer team is also playing for a conference title at Hood River Valley, also on Friday.

For volleyball, Ridgeview travels to Crook County for their league title game Saturday starting at noon.

“I think that is pretty amazing for our school,” Bale said about how many Ridgeview teams are competing for IMC league titles.

Also in volleyball, the Sisters Outlaws are playing for a 4A title against Sweet Home, which is Saturday at Pleasant Hill, starting at 4 p.m.

“This is kind of like the game of all games,” Sisters senior Ellie Rush said about playing rival Sweet Home. “This is who is going to take it all. I am really excited to play them and hopefully it will be a really good game.”

“We are super grateful we even got to play this season after everything that has gone on and we’re super appreciative of our coaches, school, and staff for helping us get here and of course our teammates and everything for support,” Sisters senior Sophie Silva said.

In football, the Mountain View Cougars have a chance to do something teams rarely achieve.

“Anytime a group has a chance to go undefeated it’s special,” Mountain View Athletic Director Lance Haas said.

Mountain View (5-0) will look to remain unbeaten as they take on their Lava Bear rivals at Bend High Friday.

The game is scheduled to start at  7:15 p.m.

“It would be a great accomplishment for our kids and attribute just to their mental fortitude, their mental effort and our coaches and their sticktoitiveness,” Haas added. “To be in this spot and then to do it, is just a great accomplishment in an unheard of environment.”

Saturday is the last day for fall sports.

Spring sports competitions start next week.


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