▶️ ‘Tis the season for porch pirates; Bend PD shares precautions you should take


Santa is adding to his naughty list as porch pirates make their rounds this holiday season, stealing packages that have yet to be brought inside the home.

“Last year at this same time we saw 100 thefts from early November until early December and this year, the same time, we’ve seen 117,” Lt. Juli McConkey, Bend Police Department said. “That’s thefts in general, not specific to porch thefts of packages, so it is up a little bit.”

We drove through multiple Bend neighborhoods Wednesday searching for homes with packages on the porch, packages that could have been stolen if someone made the effort.

The general answer from home owners was no, but almost every home we visited did have a now common form of security.

Video surveillance doorbells, like the Ring Doorbell.

“It’s played a huge role in us having something concrete to go on,” McConkey said. “And to follow up on for investigative purposes.”

To avoid porch pirates, McConkey suggests requiring signatures on packages, letting a neighbor know you are not home, and of course, those doorbell security cameras.

“Have the delivery sent while you’re home,” McConkey said. “That’s probably the best way, is to receive the package so it’s not left on your porch.”

To report a porch pirate theft in Bend, call non-emergency dispatch at (541) 693-6911.


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