▶️ 3 Central Oregon high schools to host state wrestling tournament


A vaccine requirement forces the change of venue for the Oregon high school state wrestling competition.

The tournament will not be held at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland like in past years, but instead held at individual high schools based on classification.

Last wrestling season, like all Oregon high school sports, was a shortened season.

There was no sanctioned state tournament run by the Oregon School Activities Association.

Instead, the schools put them on themselves with help from the Oregon Athletic Coaches Association.

“A lot of things go into how we would select a site and the first thing is, the first is, we are not going to have a lot of OSAA infrastructure,” said Culver wrestling coach and OACA wrestling Sports Chair, J.D. Alley.  “We can’t divvy those up into six different places, so we are going to rely on those communities with a strong wrestling infrastructure.”

“It’s the reason you see something in La Pine and you see something in Culver and all the sites that were selected,” Alley said. “Ridgeview has a phenomenal facility to get a lot of mats on the floor and people in the seats.”

This year it is sanctioned by the OSAA.

Ridgeview High School was selected to host the 5A tournament, La Pine the 3A state tournament and Culver the 1A/2A and girls state tournament.

“We’re pretty dialed up as far as being prepared for any event like that,” said Assistant operation Director at Redmond School District, Marc Horner. “We love to serve the community and provide economic impact and bring people to Central Oregon and specifically Redmond.”

The tournament is scheduled for February 25th.

  • 6A – Sandy High School
  • 5A – Ridgeview High School
  • 4A Cascade High School
  • 3A – La Pine High School
  • 1A/2A – Culver High School
  • 1A-6A girls state tournament – Culver High School

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