▶️ ‘There should be consequences:’ Summit parents react to COVID outbreak



Linh Ha’s son was excited to get back into a classroom at Summit High School last week.

“Everything felt like it was going back to normal,” Ha said. “It made me as a parent feel like he got to be a kid, a high school kid.”

But just one week later, the school was closed again after a COVID outbreak was traced to a weekend party.

Another mother of a Summit student — who wished to remain anonymous — told me she wrote a letter to the principal asking him to hold the students who went to the party responsible.

“Whether it be a public apology, community service, or natural consequence such as the inability to participate in in-person learning,” the mother wrote. “A clear consequence is what a lot of parents would like to see.”

Ha hoped everyone involved could see the impacts on the community as a whole.

“Have some empathy and compassion for all the working families that are being affected from this one party that infected all these people,” Ha said.

Principal Michael McDonald was not free to comment on the situation, a Bend La Pine Schools spokesperson said Tuesday.

The district has not made the principal available for comment to Central Oregon Daily News since the onset of the outbreak.

On Monday night, McDonald released a statement saying, “For individuals who attended the social gathering on Saturday, February 6, you are strongly encouraged to quarantine for 14 days from February 6.”

Deschutes County Public Health said 43 people are connected to the Summit party outbreak. Contact tracers are working to contact anyone who may have been infected.


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