▶️ Supply chain issues have bike shops, customers waiting for new rides


If you’re trying to buy a bike in Bend, you may have to wait awhile.

“Demand is skyrocketing,” Dan McGarigle, Pine Mountain Sports owner said. “Supply chain is tough right now.”

McGarigle says his bike shop, and many others in town, have seen a shortage since this time last year.

“I’ve been in the bike industry for about 27 years, and where we’ve seen some booms and some up ticks in the market,” McGarigle said. “We’ve never seen what we’re seeing right now.”

McGarigle says this isn’t just a local problem, it’s happening nationwide.

And he wouldn’t be surprised if the shortage was still going on a year from now.

“The bike industry is under siege right now in a very good way,” McGarigle said. “But where demand is high, the demand is simply higher than vendors can fulfill.”

If you’re lucky, you could be waiting between a few weeks and a couple of months to get your hands on a new bike.

That depends on what you’re looking for.

McGarigle’s shop has a decent supply of high end mountain bikes, we’re talking $4,000 or more.

However, snagging a bike not in stock can be difficult.

“We have some customers that have ordered bikes that we’ll get for them in February of 2023,” McGarigle said.

Customers might just have to recognize that for now, it’s a waiting game for everyone involved.

“I would tell folks that if you’re thinking about buying a bike right now, get in line, be patient, and recognize that where we used to be able to walk into a store and buy what we want,” McGarigle said. “Right now in the bike industry you should plan on being a little patient, if not a whole lot patient.”


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