▶️ Summit High School prepares to return in-person Monday following outbreak



Summit High School shut down last week after just two days of in-person learning after dozens of students were infected with COVID.

Matthew Schrader-Patton, a junior at Summit, said he wasn’t too surprised about the outbreak.

“It was definitely a little bit of a shocker to close school in the middle of the first week,” Schrader-Patton said.

Dr. George Conway released new information about the outbreak to Deschutes County Commissioners Wednesday. He said 36 Summit students were originally infected from a party held Feb. 6.

Those infections then led to a total of least 43 people involved in the outbreak.

“Our understanding from interviews was that there was not great adherence to social distancing,” Conway said.

Schrader-Patton said many students took to social media to express frustration about the event that led to the shutdown.

“Some people were saying it was really frustrating, it’s really inconvenient, it was really unsafe and I prefer you don’t do it again,” Schrader-Patton said. “I heard that other people got really aggressive. I know that people who went to the party have been getting a lot of heat for that on social media.”

Schrader-Patton believes the situation will be a memorable lesson for all Summit students.

“What you do in your personal time affects school for everyone else, affects how school goes for you,” Schrader-Patton said. “Everyone has witnessed that first hand.”

Classes reopen to in-person learning at Summit on Monday.


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