▶️ Summer Sneak Peek? Local bars, stores and trails have busy weekend


Cabin 22 in Bend is used to a filled patio – before the pandemic, and ever since its reopening more than a week ago.

And this weekend, the crowds continued to come.

Restaurant Manager Matthew Janus says, “We were definitely pushing very high numbers. Almost hitting numbers that we were hitting at our peak summer business.”

Janus isn’t surprised by Cabin 22’s flow of customers throughout Phase I or during Memorial Day weekend.

“For me, being off for two months, I was ready to be back doing things and I think everybody was the same feeling,” Janus said. “They’re like, a lot of people coming in have been it’s so nice to be able to go get a beer and have a dinner and sit down and do so.”

And it wasn’t just restaurants that saw their share of customers.

The Old Mill was filled with shoppers and local trails, like the Phil’s Trail mountain bike area, were packed with locals and visitors alike.

But not everyone is ready to jump back into the crowds.

Cabin 22 customer Bill Morris says, “If I do go somewhere and I don’t feel comfortable I leave. I want to be back out with my friends and hanging out, but I don’t want to be with a big crowd.”

According to Janus, not everyone appears to have followed official requests to stay close to home, over the long weekend.

“I have noticed a little bit of tourists that probably did come over the pass this weekend, even though they were told not to,” Janus said. “They definitely still came out, I saw a lot of people from out of town.”

Overall, Janus has been impressed by the support of Cabin 22 customers, as well as customers of surrounding businesses.

“It’s been really nice to have as much love from the community as we’ve had.”


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