▶️ Stores, locals and newcomers prepare for Central Oregon winter storm


Angela Delong knows it’s best to be prepared for a snowstorm.

“I’ve lived in Sunriver for the last three years, so I needed new stuff just to be ready,” Delong said.

Delong was one of the many people who stopped by Ace Hardware Thursday just as the first flakes of a winter storm started to fall in Central Oregon.

“I’m getting ready for it and I hope everyone else is doing the same,” Delong said.

Jeff Paulson, the manager of Ace Hardware on Bend’s Newport Ave., said keeping an eye on the weather forecast is a part of his job.

“You never know when it’s going to hit,” Paulson said. “Usually January and February is when we get those big snow storms.”

For now, there’s no shortage of snow-day necessities at Ace.

“We have plenty,” Paulson said. “They’re building shovels inside right now.”

Locals have been through storms before and usually know how to prepare.

“2017 — everyone who was around remembers that one,” Paulson said.

But a big part of Paulson’s job is educating those who are new in town.

“We talk to newcomers to the area, definitely people that probably came from a warmer place and aren’t use to seeing the snow,” Paulson said. “Just kind of educating them on what kind of shovel they’d be interested in.”

After selling more than 100 shovels this year already, Ace still has many in stock for anyone, whether they like or dislike the snow.

“I love the snow,” Delong said. “I’m from Alaska so snow is my thing.”




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