▶️ State, county road crews busy over holiday weekend to keep road safe


Most of Central Oregon enjoyed a white Christmas but some people had to work to keep everyone else safe.

Deschutes County plow operators worked Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Sunday to keep up with the three-day snowstorm. 

Anywhere from 3 to 10 inches of snow fell in Central Oregon.

Sisters, the south end of Bend, Deschutes River Woods, Sunriver and La Pine got the most. 

Road crews worked through the holiday weekend to keep roads passable.

“We had 15 or so employees respond clear through the weekend,” said Christ Doty, Deschutes County Road Dept. Director. “That’s a question we ask in every job interview here at the road department: Are you available to work holiday weekends? No one’s answered no yet. We do appreciate it when they pick up the phone and come in and work holidays because that’s asking a lot.”

“Just prepare for slipping and sliding, especially when the sun is shining on the snow or ice. It’s going to have a film on it that’s going to make your car slip sideways and all around,” said Ken Magnan, Bend.

His advice to folks new to the area: Go slow. 

“You can’t stop as quickly as you want. Don’t hit your brakes,” said Mike Macy, Bend. “I never use my brakes coming down from Bachelor. Just keep proper distance from the car in front of you and you’ll have no problems.”

In Bend, homeowners and business operators are required to shovel snow off sidewalks within 24 hours.

It’s easier to shovel snow before it gets packed down or goes through a freeze-thaw cycle.

This was a traditional snowstorm in road department director Doty’s opinion; more snow to the west and south, less to the north. 

Crook and Jefferson counties received about 2-1/2 inches of snow, enough to require traction sand, but not enough to plow which means roads are icy throughout the region. 

“You can’t keep driving fast, especially around the roundabouts,” said Sharon. “Just drive slow… easy.”



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