▶️ St Charles reverses course on repayments, unions call move ‘gratifying’


New information on the payroll debacle at St Charles.

Late Friday,  in a sudden reversal, the health system announced it is no longer demanding hospital staff to pay back any overpayment that was made to them.

The overpayments were the result of a ransomware attack on the hospital’s outside payroll system.

For two weeks hundreds of health care workers raised objections to the hospital’s demands that alleged overpayments totaling 2-million dollars be returned.

This past week, nurses unions started a petition demanding an outside auditor be brought in to independently verify overpayment amounts.

Friday, St. Charles interim President and CEO Steve Gordon said in a statement to workers he is abandoning requests for repayment, and anyone who has already repaid the money requested can ask for it back.

He says the hospital simply does not have the resources to look into all the complicated requests for payroll documentation.

Also St. Charles asks that those who were overpaid consider making a donation to St. Charles Cares, a caregiver assistance fund.

The nurses unions call the announcement “gratifying”.

The statements from the hospital and unions are below.


Statement from the Oregon Nurses Association / Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals


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