▶️ Some parents conflicted as Redmond students return to class



The Redmond School District is gearing up for the return to in-person instruction next week. 

Tucker, a second-grader at John Tuck Elementary is excited to get back into the classroom again to do some of his favorite things.

“Learning, making new friends, and PE,” Tucker said.

But he is not excited for everything.

“Ummm terrible,” Tucker said when asked about having to wear masks all day, every day.

But, he admitted the mask is worth wearing if he gets to see friends.

His mother Jody Johnson has two kids at John Tuck and one at Elton Gregory Middle School.

“We are very excited that they get to return to school,” Johnson said

She feels her children will be safe.

“Every school seems to have a lot of safety measures in place,” she said. So, we are not nervous at all.”

But not all parents are as comfortable.

“Some days I’m like yay and other days when you start thinking about it, it’s a little worrisome, said Michelle Orsborn, a mother of Redmond seventh-grader. “I’m really juggling what’s best for them. It’s really hard to know, really scary.”

Orsborn is worried for her seventh grader’s mental balance.

“Is it worth going back to school part-time, when in a week maybe they are going to have an outbreak and they are going to be sent back home,” Orsborn asked. “Is that going to affect their mental health even worse?”

She doesn’t know if she is making the right decision.

“Should we wait?” Orsborn added. “Should we just wait until next year, until we know things are better, people are vaccinated or do we send them back for two days then say just kidding, you don’t get to go back. I feel like that is almost worse.”

Redmond middle schoolers will go back in cohorts for two full days a week; high schoolers four half-days a week.

Tucker and other elementary kids return to full-time in-person learning on March 1.



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