▶️ Some local doctors not convinced we’ve peaked despite COVID case dip


This week marks the fourth week in a row COVID cases have fallen in Oregon and in Central Oregon.

So that begs the question: have we hit our COVID peak?

“It really looks like it,” said Logan Clausen MD, a doctor for COPA Kids. “So the good news is we seem to be on a downside and a pretty steep downside.”

“I think we can’t decide on things by the numbers right now,” said Mosaic Medical Dr. Jessica LeBlanc. 

Local cases have declined for four straight weeks, but doctors are still split on whether the virus has peaked here.

“But we’re still seeing patients that are very sick from the virus, being hospitalized,” LeBlanc said.

After the recent surge of COVID infections throughout Central Oregon, there may be the thought of immunity from infection.

“The level of immune response that you get after a COVID infection,” Clausen said. “It depends on lots of things. It depends on age. It depends on the severity of your symptoms and it can vary person to person.”

However, with no test available to determine post COVID immunity, vaccination is still the strongest defense.

According to a study from Washington State University, death and hospitalizations AMONG people 65 years and older are eight times more likely without a vaccine.

“So we really have to listen to those numbers and keep educating and supporting our patients towards vaccination,” LeBlanc said.

Both doctors I spoke with today also agreed that COVID fatigue is a huge factor in exiting the pandemic.

“There is so much fatigue with all of this right now and I think it’s understandable,” Clausen said.

“I think we all want to say this is over but it’s not over yet,” LeBlanc said.

Though cases are lowering, the way out of this pandemic is more gray than just black and white.



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