▶️ Social media outage a concern for local business owners


According to a recent study, more than 90% of Instagram users follow a business account and more than fifty million small businesses use Facebook to connect with customers.

That became a problem for some local businesses, when several Facebook apps were offline for most of the day.

“We’re all kind of plugged to our phones, but then I started thinking and like we literally just started our new Facebook campaign is starting this week for our new truck and all that and I was like ‘crud’,” said Cliff Abrahams, Owner of Gyro Power, Blumas Chicken and Abe Capannas.

You might have noticed that social media was in a tailspin Monday morning.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all crashed around 8:30 a.m. this morning and did not start restoring for some users until 3:00 p.m..

Abrahams spent $100 on Facebook advertising for his new food truck, opening this week.

“There’s no doubt that social media has a big impact on all of our businesses,” said Abrahams.

For food carts in the Central Oregon area, social media is a way to bite into some new business, either advertising through their own social media accounts or working with public food accounts like @bendfoodie or @eatingbend.

But with Facebook applications shut down for six and a half hours, that promotion and money fell upon blank screens.

I’m in my fifties, so I’m kind of like not that super savvy on social media, so I totally relate to that person that, that’s how they order from us is they go on Facebook and they hit the menu and that’s how they know,” said Abrahams.

However, some prefer to spread their craft the old-fashioned way.

“There’s a good community here with other things then, you know, we don’t need the social media really. I mean it helps obviously but I don’t know,” said Nikola Skrak, owner of food cart Nik Snack.

Skrak shared that he advertises his truck based on word of mouth and the disk golf club he attends.

Facebook and it’s sister apps came back online around 3 p.m. Monday.

The monetary damage due to lost advertisements for businesses is unknown but in the Central Oregon area, the businesses just hope it doesn’t happen again.


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