▶️ 6 new businesses open in downtown Redmond; occupancy rate up to 88%


A combination of factors are boosting business occupancy rates in downtown Redmond.

Redmond’s population is growing, pandemic restrictions are easing and public-private partnerships are contributing to a revival of the downtown core.

Six new restaurants, retail and service businesses opened in downtown Redmond so far in 2021.

Several of them used urban renewal funds to restore their buildings.

More businesses are coming, adding to that sense of renewal.

On the corner of Evergreen Avenue and 6th Street in the former Soup 2 Nuts space, Halo Donuts & Deli is bustling with Redmond Proficiency Academy students on their lunch break.

“We’ve been open two months. The response has been fantastic,” said Holly Filley, owner of Halo Donuts and Deli. “The Redmond community has really come out in full to support us.”

New Downtown Businesses

Halo Donuts & Deli, 457 SW 6th Street
High Desert Music Hall, 818 SW Forest Avenue
Atomic Bazaar Vintage, 615 SW Cascade Avene
Tite Knot Craft Coffee, 706 SW 10th Street
Shannon Leahh Home, 339 SW 6th Street
Axis Salon, 627 SW Deschutes Avenue

City-sponsored efforts to attract new business and investments in downtown are paying off.

Eighty-eight percent of ground floor business spaces in the six block downtown core area are occupied.

Shannon Hawkins of Shannon Leahh Home designs says retail shopping is alive and well in downtown.

“Redmond is doing so great with the foot traffic. Our whole block is occupied which is so nice,” Hawkins said. “We have the movie theater, the restaurants, we have the clothing store, we even have a little bar next door. It’s been great.”

Chuck Arnold says Redmond launched an urban renewal plan 10 years ago to encourage private-public partnerships.

“That is really starting to pay off with a lot of what you see in downtown: improvements to storefronts through grants and incentives through urban renewals,” Arnold said. “The community made it a priority and we are starting to see the the fruits of that… a walkable, enjoyable downtown.”

Despite the highway bypass that carries the majority of Highway 97 traffic away from downtown, there’s still an average of 13,000 cars a day passing through on 5th and 6th streets.

More than enough to sustain a robust downtown business district.


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