▶️ Sisters Rodeo announces return after 2 years of COVID cancellations


After two long years of cancellations, the Sisters Rodeo is back.

“The Sisters Rodeo is set for June 8th, through the 12th,” said the Sisters Rodeo’s voicemail.

“I think we’re just excited to have one,” said Rodeo President Curt Kallberg.

In 121 days, the 80th Sisters Rodeo will kick off with bucks and bangs.

“Saturday night in Sisters,” Kallberg said, “People don’t really come to the rodeo, they come to be part of the rodeo.”

“It’s great to have everyone here and shopping and supporting our retail businesses,” said Sisters Mayor Michael Preedin.

The return to glory for the rodeo will include extreme bull riding kicking off the first night, and some new acts as well.

One performing group from Arizona will bring an act involving Friesian horses.

“We work all year to have a rodeo,” said Kallberg.

Except for the announcers, the rodeo has been entirely volunteer-run since its inception.

After two years of COVID mandates closing the bucking gates, the people of Sisters are determined to have their rodeo shine once again.

“It’s about the vibe,” Preedin said “It’s about having people in town and enjoying the rodeo.”

Vibes that locals and visitors are excited to return to.

Mayor Preedin told Central Oregon Daily News on Monday that among the many traditions for the rodeo, the Thursday locals night of greeting the rodeo contestants and the pancake breakfast are his favorites.

For folks hoping to round up some fun at the Sisters Rodeo, tickets are on sale now: https://tickets.sistersrodeo.com/p/tickets

“Even our clowns, like JJ Harrison, he says that there isn’t any other rodeo like Sisters,” Kallberg said.

“Have a great day and we will see you in June,” the rodeo voicemail chimed.


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