▶️ Sisters HS graduation won’t be virtual, but plans still in the air



While many large school districts are canceling graduation ceremonies and planning virtual commencements, Sisters High School is considering some kind of in-person graduation event. What is certain is there will be a graduation event on Friday, June 12.

Sisters High School may have an actual, physical commencement ceremony this year owing to the fact that it’s a small school with just over 100 seniors in the graduating class. 

 “We didn’t want to go virtual. We weren’t going to accept that,” said Joe Hosang, Sisters High School Principal. “We are trying to do something that honors our seniors and to leave them with, maybe, even a more special memory of graduation.”

Principal Hosang says, in general terms, there are three graduation plans being developed that allow flexibility for if and when restrictions on public gatherings are rolled back. 

“Maybe we go right back into our gymnasium and have it, but I know that that’s probably not going to happen. So, what other things can we do? Anything from a parade to a gathering, to a drive-in are options that we are considering.” 

“I think that would mean a lot to me and a lot of other people in our class,” said Taylor Fendall, a Sisters High School senior. “As a class, we kind of feel like we weren’t given the chance to say goodbye to the people, to the school and the staff especially. I feel that having a graduation ceremony would be really meaningful for our class and our group of kids.”

Hosang says the school will seek approval from the Oregon Health Authority before proceeding with planning an alternate graduation event. 

“We might have a great idea and it just might not happen. We don’t want to get too much into the details because we don’t want to get people excited or disappointed,” he said.

A decision on what kind of ceremony to hold is expected to be made within a couple of weeks.

Parents of graduating seniors at Sisters High School can participate in weekly chat sessions with the principal to learn more about graduation ceremonies being considered.


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