▶️ Sisters bond measure to fund new elementary school, ease overcrowding


Joan Warburg, principal of Sisters Elementary School, was watching the special district election results closely Tuesday night, hoping to see voters approve a $33.8 million bond measure for the school district.

Warburg said she was excited when the bond measure passed with 63% percent of the vote.

“Honestly, we weren’t sure what we would do if the bond didn’t pass,” Warburg said. “I think that the passage of the bond really speaks to the fact that our community highly values education here in Sisters.”

The bond will fund a new elementary school in Sisters, as well as fund improvements throughout the school district.

Warburg said the passing of the bond is a relief because the elementary school is overcrowded.

The district estimates the school will be at 111% capacity this fall.

“We have seen a lot of growth in our community, and in the past years I’ve been adding at least one classroom a year and we just don’t have any space left,” Warburg said.

The new school will be built near Sisters High School and Sisters Middle School. Warburg said many parents are excited about the location, because they can drop kids of different ages off at the same place.

The district hopes to open the new school in the fall of 2023, Warburg said.

“We are poised for the next 20, 30 years to really meet the needs of our students,” Warburg said.

Until that new elementary school opens, the already existing elementary school will be adding several portables onto the school’s property to create more classroom space.


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