▶️ Sisters asks for input on city’s 2040 comprehensive plan



What should the City of Sisters look like in 2040?

That’s the question planners will ask Monday night during a virtual public meeting, as the city begins updating its Comprehensive Plan.

It’s been nearly 15 years since Sisters updated its comprehensive plan.

Since then, the city has nearly doubled in size resulting in a housing crunch, increased use of public spaces and a need to plan for future growth.

Growth has “impacts on affordable housing and traffic, community character, quality of life, those things and it seems to be accelerated since COVID got going as we receive people from the cities that want to get away from the city,” said Scott Woodford, City of Sisters Community Development Director.

To participate in tonight’s “Let’s Talk” video conference on Zoom, Sisters residents need to contact the Citizens 4 Community group to reserve a space.

“C4C limited it to 40 participants just so everyone would get a chance to participate,” Woodford said. “If you wanted to be part of this but couldn’t, check our website, Sisters2040.com for future opportunities for input.”

Woodford said tonight’s meeting is the first of many interactions with Sisters’ residents from all walks of life.

“We will go out into the community and engage with as many organizations as we can, the Chambers, the Sisters Trail Association, try to get underrepresented populations that don’t typically come to these things,” he said. “Students, going to the high schools, because 20 years from now, this is going to be their community.”

The Sisters comprehensive plan update is expected to be complete in August 2021.

It will undergo reviews by Sisters Planning Commission, City Council and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development before it is adopted.


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