▶️ Shelter hopes kittens’ leukemia diagnosis doesn’t deter potential adoption



Two-month-old Gibbs is one of three kitten siblings currently waiting for a home at Brightside Animal Shelter.

You’d never know from their spunky personalities, but both of Gibbs’ siblings, Abby and Timmy have tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus which weakens cat’s immune systems.

Though Gibbs tested negative, veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Meyer says she expects him to test positive in the coming weeks.

“They were all intermingled,” said Meyer. “And it does take some time for those tests to come up positive.”

They’re currently being quarantined from other cats in the shelter for safety.

“It’s not easily transmitted, but we want them separated because they’re more likely to get upper respiratory infections by being around the other cats,” Meyer said.

Though symptoms of the virus typically won’t show for about the first three years, it will eventually, among other things, shorten the kittens’ lifespans.

“We know at some point in their future their Leukemia virus will cause various blood disorders,” Meyer said.

But for now, Abby, Gibbs, and Timmy are doing just fine, and are hoping to find their forever homes.

“We know their life spans are going to be shorter and we don’t know, it might be that we start seeing symptoms in the next few months, it could be not until three years,” said Meyer. “But they can live happy lives until that point and we just want to find someone willing to live that happy life.”

Gibbs, Abby and Timmy are available right now at Brightside Animal Center and they’re waving adoption fees for all of them.

You can find out how you can get them into your home at brightsideanimals.org.


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