▶️ Sawyer Park in Bend getting a new parking lot


Sawyer Park in Bend is getting a new parking lot.

“This is really an asset management or maintenance project, taking care of what we have, but we are also seeing this as an opportunity to improve some of the functionality and efficiency of the parking as well,” said Landscape Architect for the Bend Park and Recreation District Bronwen Mastro.

Currently, the park has 31 parking spots that are all parallel parking.

With the upgrade, the park would have 57 parking spots with a plan for 18 more in the future.

You can view the parking lot concept maps here.

“So, we are looking at a couple different options, but all of them move the parking out of the park and closer to O.B. Reilly Road,” said Mastro.

The Bend Park and Recreation District held an open house at the park on Wednesday, showing people three different concept plans.

“I will say with the three options that are listed I did pick the one that has the handicap parking that is here, with access to all the nice trails,” said Bend resident Sally Kroner. “So I hope they choose that.”

The recreation district is also looking to upgrade the restroom and add picnic amenities.

The total cost would be about $1.1 million, with funding coming from property taxes and grants.

“We expect that the final design will be some sort of mash-up to the three of them and this is really just giving people as many options as possible for people to provide their input on,” said Mastro.

The estimated completion time is sometime in the fall or summer of 2024.

You can take a survey for the three concept plans here.


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