▶️ Salons, barbershops hoppin’ as eager locals cut their COVID coifs


If there’s one thing people are excited about, it’s finally getting a haircut.

While hair salons and barbershops began the reopening process Friday, they’re still adjusting to the new normal.

“I didn’t sleep last night, it was like the first day of your new job or some stupid thing like that!” L&K Barbershop owner Debbie Bennett said.

Salons and barbershops were in full swing in Bend Friday morning as they opened their doors for the first time in weeks.

“We’re like really busy,” Tangerine Salon hairstylist Ashlee Green said. “We’re just hitting the ground running, which is great because I think people are just really excited to get back in the salon and feel pretty again.”

“We’re all booked up, there’s no empty spots,” said Bennett. “The phone is ringing, I think I had 58 telephone calls yesterday.”

Of course, it was far from a normal visit to the salon.

Under Gov. Brown’s reopening guidelines, salons and barbershops must take clients by appointment only, keep a record of who comes in, and require employees to wear face coverings.

“We’ve got masks for our customers, gloves for our customers, disinfectant,” said Bennett. ““If we get somebody coming in and there’s somebody in my chair, the next person has to wait outside or in their car and then we’ll signal them in. I’m pretty sure we’ve got all the precautions we can think of.”

“We’re just being really good about wiping everything down,” said Green. “For our licensing we have to be super clean already, so we’re kind of already versed in the whole cleanliness, and barbicide, and all that stuff.”

Bennett says they’re taking every possible precaution.

“I don’t think we missed anything,” said Bennet. “We just want to be safe, because we don’t want to go back to where we were at!”


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