▶️ Restaurants close dining areas, make plans for take-out


Monday night, not many restaurants were open in downtown Bend. Those that were said business has slowed in the past few weeks.

On the empty streets walked a bright spot; Kirk Heppler, president of the Dough Nut, spent his afternoon handing out pastries to restaurants and local businesses.

“I’m just trying to brighten everyone’s day because we know everyone could use it,” Heppler said. “It’s tough times.”

In downtown, Zydeco was making plans for their curb-side to-go program. It will start Tuesday — when every restaurant in the state will have to switch to take out and delivery only.

“As much as possible I hope that the local community supports all the businesses going through this,” Stephen Helt, co-owner of Zydeco, said.

Helt is trying to prioritize who gets to work and give hours to those who most need the income.

“People just need to stay positive, especially our workforce, I want them to stay positive and understand my wife and I will do everything in our power to keep them working,” Helt said.

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