▶️ Redmond’s Hayden Homes named Oregon’s ‘Best Company to Work For’


If you want to work for the best company in Oregon, you don’t have to live in Portland.

According to Oregon Business Magazine, Redmond’s Hayden Homes is the best company to work for in the state.

It’s the third year in a row the home builder and its 150 employees have been recognized as the top large businesses.

President Steve Klingman credits the sense of community in the office.

“The community that we have together as a group of team members; our families,” he said. “And that really became the forefront of all of our conversations throughout the last year: Keeping each other updated on what’s going on with the COVID-19 restrictions, the lock-downs, what’s going on with our families.”

Lake Oswego-based Director’s Mortgage took second place; they also have offices here in Central Oregon.



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