▶️ Redmond songwriter keeps an ear on Salem as bills propose new state song


Pop quiz: What’s Oregon’s state song?

Bonus points: When did it become so?

Time’s up.

The answer, of course, is “Oregon, My Oregon” adopted in 1927.

But like another, (more) popular song says, the times, they are a-changing.

Two separate bills have been introduced in Salem to change the state song, citing outdated and offensive lyrics as the reason.

The first bill proposes keeping the current song but changing the lyrics.

The second measure proposes doing away with the song altogether and opening up to a statewide contest to choose a new one.

Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom sat down with longtime Redmond singer/songwriter Lindy Gravelle to discuss that possibility.

Gravelle is no stranger to the idea of a new state song.

Her song “Nowhere under the sun like Oregon” has had fans and politicians petitioning for it to become our state song for years.



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