▶️ Redmond Economic Development luncheon goes virtual


Redmond Economic Development Inc’s annual luncheon went virtual Tuesday and Central Oregon Daily’s Allen Schauffler and Samantha O’Connor emceed the event from the studio.

Some of the advice just wasn’t for business leaders, it was for anyone working their way through the pandemic.

The event featured Zach Mercurio, an organization and leadership development researcher who has advised some of the largest companies in the country.

Mercurio said you should be asking yourself one simple question during the COVID crisis.

“Instead of this question of how will I get through this, start to think about this question of who needs me to get through this,” he said. “Who needs us?”

Mercurio says recognizing who is relying on each of us helps give us purpose.

That purpose, he said, helps us thrive during challenging times.



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