▶️ Redmond cafe hosts art sale benefitting Ukraine relief efforts


There are many ways to support Ukraine against Russian aggression.

You can buy artwork of sunflowers at a restaurant in Redmond, and all the proceeds will be dedicated to Ukrainian relief efforts.

Art work of sunflowers decorate the walls of the One Street Down Cafe in Redmond.

All the donated sunflower theme artwork, ranging from watercolors to line art to photography, is for sale, and all the proceeds are dedicated to helping Ukraine recover from the ravages of war.

“We are so blessed here and they having such a hard time over there,” said Kristy Cross, owner of One Street Down Cafe. “Just trying to find some way to help. This is a small way that we came up with.”

The sunflower theme artworks range in price from $45 to $300.

Five pieces have sold since the display went up. 

The exhibit will continue for at least two months.

“The reason for sunflowers is in the 1800’s, sunflowers were exported from U.S. to Ukraine. The climate is conducive. They flourish and they have become an industry in Ukraine,” said Gillian Burton, volunteer curator. “They sell not only the oil, the sunflower oil, but also the seeds. So that’s been a devastation to their economy apart from anything else.”

Burton said the idea for the sunflower art fundraiser came from a viral video of Ukrainian woman giving sunflower seeds to advancing Russian soldiers. 

“She said ‘if and when you die and we bury you in Ukrainian soil, you’ll sprout sunflowers,’ which is a rather sad thing to say but they are a very resilient people,” he said. 

The goal is to raise $10,000 through the sale of sunflower art. 

The funds will be directed through the American Red Cross to relief efforts for Ukraine.


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