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For Ron Moore, a program specialist for Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, the programs at COVO aren’t just a lifesaver for others.

“If some of those people out there didn’t have us, they wouldn’t make it,” said Ron Moore, Outreach specialist for COVO.

More was homeless for seven years.

Things changed when he decided to volunteer for COVO and eventually the job he currently has.

“It saved my life,” Moore said about the outreach program.

COVO, along with NeighborImpact and Bethlehem Inn are the three benefactors of the Central Oregon Daily “Redirect the Check Campaign.”

The campaign, launched last week, urges Central Oregonians to donate all or some of their most recent federal stimulus check to help local nonprofits.

J.W. Terry is a war veteran and COVO’s executive director.

He says the program’s largest mission is to get veterans and their families back on their feet.

“We have our own housing,” Terry said. “We have 26 of our own low-income units that are full most of the time.”

COVO says community donations mostly go to helping people who have fallen through cracks, who aren’t able to get state or federal assistance.

They also provided a service to help relocate fire evacuees during the bad 2020 fire season.

“A lot of people who never thought they would be homeless, they’re homeless,” Moore said.

Between the pandemic and deadly wildfire season, COVO says they have never seen a greater need for help in the community.

“This type of money and help could not have come at a better time,” Terry said.

So far, more than $20,000 has been donated by the community and TDS, the parent company for Central Oregon Daily News will match $10,000. 

You can donate some or all of your stimulus check here.


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