▶️ Pro BMX riders compete in State Gold Cup Qualifier at Big Sky Sports Complex


On Saturday, the State Gold Cup Qualifier combined with a tangent pro-em to attract professional BMX racers took place at the Big Sky Sports Complex.

The event saw around 300 riders.

It’s the second year it’s been held at the Big Sky Park sports complex in Bend, and riders had to come experienced with a certain number of races competed in to enter.

Pro 21-year-old racer Trenton Moore came down from Washington to compete in Central Oregon.

“I’m in love with the facility,” said Pro BMX Rider from Washington Trenton Moore. “They’ve done great work out here. It’s my first time being here, but seeing progress on Instagram and social media, they’ve come a long way and done a great job.”

“The goal is always first place, and first place has a good amount of money, and money helps with travel raise fees. So, that’s the goal for today, and excited to see if we can make it happen.”

At the end of the year, there is a state final, and compete for a top state position or qualify for a gold cup series, earning points, and the top 10 would compete for the final gold cup.


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