▶️ Prineville man uses stimulus money to buy Nintendo Switches for sick kids


Ethan Schumacher, like many people, received two large stimulus checks this year.

His first stimulus check he used to invest, but he had a different idea on how to use his second check.

“So, I bought three Nintendo Switches and $250 worth of eshop cards for those Switches, and donated them to the pediatrics unit in Bend,” said Schumacher, who works as a cashier and in the kitchen at St. Charles in Prineville.

Never really considering the money his own, Schumacher wanted to do something good.

“The money was meant to help people and I was in a really strong spot for myself to where it would just be compounding on, which would be nice, but I kind of wanted to give back,” Schumacher said. “Who really needs help more than sick children.”

Schumacher’s donation did not surprise St. Charles, Prineville, Chief Medical Officer Maggie King one bit.

“This is just an extension of who Ethan is and I think it is fantastic and we should all learn from him,” King said.

About a week ago Schumacher hand delivered those game consoles to the pediatric unit in Bend.

“If there is a way you can find to help, then I think it is great,” Schumacher said. “I don’t want people to feel pressured to. A lot of people were saying ‘oh you are a lot better person than I am,’ but that is not the intent. I know a lot of people that if given the opportunity that would have donated, but it is just not the first thing that crosses their mind.”

Schumacher says he wants to continue helping with donations, but now in the Prineville community.


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