▶️ Prepare to spend a little more on your Christmas tree this year


According to the Oregon Christmas Tree Growers Association, Christmas tree inventory is down by as much as 10% in Oregon.

Oregon produces more Christmas trees than any other state – 31% of all the holiday trees in 2020 – and the higher prices will be felt by customers.

“We’re just a little low this year. We’ve seen less competitors. A few competitors have dropped out this year. So there’s fewer stands as far as I’m aware of,” said Carson Dedmon, a salesman at Candy Cane Christmas Trees.

Candy Cane Christmas Trees sold their 6 to 7-foot trees FOR $70 last year.

“This year we’re looking at around the $85 range. $85 to $90,” Dedmon said.

The price hike is due to a number of factors impacting the supply chain like previous fires burning supply and folks simply leaving the tree farming business.

All of those factors together led to fewer trees at a higher expense.

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Where are you getting your Christmas tree this year?
Where are you getting your Christmas tree this year?
Where are you getting your Christmas tree this year?

At the Central Oregon Adult and Teen Challenge’s Christmas tree lot, the effects are similar.

“So even though we might not have a huge price jump, there’s a price gap that didn’t previously exist,” said Micah Tappero, the Campus Director for Oregon Adult and Teen Challenge.

That gap is attributed to the lack of Douglas Firs available.

Oregon Adult and Teen Challenge’s tree lot has more noble firs, a pricier type of tree sold at $65 compared to a $45 Douglas Fir.

“It’s a bit of a bummer sometimes because people are trying to spend money on presents and different stuff like that for their families and don’t want to dedicate as much of the cost to the tree,” Tappero said.

If you’re one of those folks hoping to not spend an arm and a leg, tree lot salesmen I talked to suggested going for a shorter tree and shopping around to find the best price.

Another option is to buy a $5 permit with the Deschutes National Forest Service to cut your own tree.

“When you’re out there you can grab a tree of any species, as long as it’s under 12 feet tall,” said Jaimie Olle of the Deschutes National Forest.

If you do choose to grab a tree from the forest, make sure it’s not in a recreation area, near a road or body of water.



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