▶️ Phase 1B vaccination efforts ramp up with mass clinic at Redmond Fairgrounds



Deschutes County received approval Thursday from the Oregon Health Authority to start vaccinating people in group 1B, specifically K-12 teachers.

And to help with ramping up the vaccination efforts, St. Charles and Deschutes County Health launched a mass clinic at the fairgrounds in Redmond.

“Just super excited to be here,” said Summit High School assistant principal Kristy Knoll. “Really, really want to get back in school to see my students and for my own kids to get back to school.”

Knoll found out around noon on Thursday that she could get vaccinated and didn’t hesitate.

“My personal belief system is in science and the science behind vaccines,” Knoll said. “So I was first to be here as soon as I heard I could be, for my general health and protection.”

Health officials expect to vaccinate 2,500 teachers this weekend.

Infectious Disease physician Cynthia Maree says the move to the fairgrounds allows more people to get vaccinated more quickly.

“That’s just a very exciting milestone when we get to move from one group to another,” she said.

After patients receive their shot, they head to the next room, the recovery room.

“I think it took from the moment I left my car until right now sitting in this chair, maybe ten minutes, probably more like eight,” Knoll said about the process.

Knoll is grateful to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

“I know we have a lot of teachers that have been scared for good reason,” Knoll said. “Scared to come back to teach. Scared of getting the virus and passing it on to potentially family members that have high-risk issues. So this is going to help I think just everyone feel more comfortable coming in.”

To be notified when you’re eligible for the vaccine, sign up at vaccine.deschutes.org


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