▶️ Past Pandemic: A look at Bend’s bout with the 1918 Spanish Flu

Looking back at the past is one way to better understand the present, and that’s especially true in these historic times.

In Tuesday’s cover story, Central Oregon Daily Photojournalist Steve Kaufmann takes us back to the fall of 1918 for a look at how Bend handled the last pandemic.

He sat down with the director of the Deschutes Historical Museum for a history lesson on the differences and similarities between the Spanish Flu and COVID-19.

Below, check out the video introducing you to some of the important people of the time who helped the area get through the pandemic.


Visit the Deschutes Historical Museum for details on how to submit your personal experiences throughout this COVID-19 outbreak.Your pictures, signs, videos, or stories could be entered into the historical record or used in future museum exhibits.

1918 Flu Cases and Deaths in Central Oregon

Deschutes County
174 Cases
44 Deaths
Crook County
100 Cases
7 Deaths
Jefferson County
64 Cases
3 Deaths
*Source: Deschutes Historical Society

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