▶️ Owners, vet say lost cat at high risk without continued cancer treatments


Sometimes animals are much more than just pets, more than companions, they’re family.

George the cat has cancer and he’s been missing since late August.

His owner and vet in Bend believe time is running out.

“I just knew that I wanted more time with George, and I would do anything possible to have more time with him in doing what I could,” said Karla Garcia, George’s owner. “If I could even just get a couple more months with him, a couple more years.”

Garcia has owned George for 10 years.

George started chemotherapy treatments after being diagnosed with Lymphoma in July.

“George has been thriving with his chemotherapy,” said Certified Veterinary Technician at Veterinary Referral Center of Central Oregon Julie Paradis. “He has been feeling better and doing better and we just want to get him back on his treatments.”

George went missing in late August and needs to be found soon for his survival.

“Without George’s treatments he might only make it only a couple of months, it could be weeks to months,” Paradis said. “With treatments, if he continues to respond well, he might get 6 months to a year.”

Garcia says she’s spent close to $6,000 on chemotherapy for George.

He was last seen between Linnea and Savannah Drive near Pilot Butte State Park.

“I am hoping we can find him, even if it’s his body, so we can have some closure,” Garcia said.

Garcia has lost two of her three cats the last few years.

All of them having a spot in her heart and on her arm.

“My cats are the world to me, and I knew I had to have them on my body as a reminder of just how much they’ve done for me,” she added.

George has a microchip and Garcia says she’s hired a cat rescue specialist and is offering a $300 reward for anyone who finds him.

“Having cancer, it’s crucial that I find him as quickly as possible to give him any chance of survival, so if you are out in the Pilot Butte area, keep an eye out for George,” Garcia said.

If you find George, call 541-730-9840.


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