▶️ OSU-Cascades expecting fewer students; pay cuts coming for staff


OSU-Cascades starts its fiscal year on July 1st, and expects a $2 million deficit for the next year.

That means pay cuts for staff.

“Our classified staff are going to be working four out of five days a week from July 1st until September 15th,” said Becky Johnson, OSU Vice President. “The rest of our employees will be subject to a pay reduction that would start on September 1st and go through June 30th of next year.”

Johnson says there are two main reasons for the two million dollar deficit.

“The state has asked all state agencies to cut their budget for next year by 17.5%, is what the cut would be for OSU-Cascades,” Johnson said. “And then we’re expecting enrollment to be down by about 4% next fall. And that’s because a lot of students just are unsure of whether they’re ready to come back to school.”

Johnson says this is the first time in 10 years OSU-Cascades will see a drop in enrollment.

But by the following year, she hopes the addition of new programs will help them bounce back. Including outdoor products, engineering science, and physical therapy.

“We are trying to invest things now that we know will help us get out of this situation in the future.”

How much of a pay cut will people take? That is still to be determined.

The university will also be trying to cut their services and supplies budget. Which includes utilities, professional development, travel, and classroom supplies. Johnson says employees are being asked to do without these things for a year.

So far only three employees involved in housing and dining operations have been laid off. Johnson says this is because there aren’t students living in on-campus housing and eating in the dining hall, leaving their duties limited.

However, no teachers have been laid off and the university will not be cutting student employees.


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