▶️ Oregon Vaping Death Prompting Parents to Educate About Dangers

By Meghan Glova
Central Oregon Daily

The Oregon Health Authority is investigating what officials believe is the state’s first vaping-related death.

And because teens are considered most at risk of making vaping a habit, the death has parents concerned.

Vaping is more than just a trend among teens…it’s a health hazard.

One that parents are becoming more and more concerned over.

“There’s no magic words to warn young people who feel invincible, and that this won’t ever happen to them,” said Christie Capucci, a local parent of three kids. 

The individual, who died in July, had a severe respiratory illness after smoking an e-cigarette.

Although a specific cause of death has not been released, O-H-A says the individual’s symptoms were consistent with over two-hundred similar cases across the country.

All of which reported a habit of vaping or e-cigarette use.

As teens remain the most at risk population, local school districts have expressed concern over students vaping within the last few years.

And they’re not the only ones, parents are questioning how they and the school district can put a stop to such an epidemic.

 “Even for parents, one of your main concerns is trying to find that magic thing that will keep your kids from doing what you did,” Capucci said. “Something that will sink in and hopefully make them not want to be reckless.”

Capucci says it’s all about educating…and getting people to think twice about the dangers of vaping.

“For years, the cigarette industry said that cigarettes were safe. So anything you put into your body, I think you need to know 100% that it’s safe.”


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