▶️ Oregon Right to Life launches $250,000 ‘No on Knute’ campaign


Oregon Right to Life has committed $250,000 to run a campaign against Congressional Candidate Knute Buehler, saying he is supportive of abortion rights.

Thursday afternoon, the organization held a press conference in Bend announcing the “No On Knute” campaign.

“Over the years, Buehler has stated repeatedly that he is for abortion rights,” said Executive Director Lois Anderson.

Right to life will use the funds for advertising, a website and social media messaging against the former state representative.

“We’re not a republican organization,” Anderson said. “We’re a pro-life organization. It doesn’t matter what your party is. If you don’t align with our mission of restoring human rights to those that are threatened by abortion, then we are not going to be supportive of you.”

In a phone interview, the former surgeon said he is pro-choice but not pro-abortion. He’d like to make abortion as rare as possible.

Buehler said while in the Oregon legislature, he sponsored legislature that made birth control more accessible, which has decreased unintended pregnancies.

“When I’m in Congress I will be against late-term abortions,” Buehler said. “I’ll be for defunding Planned Parenthood and certainly I’ll support the Hyde Amendment which prevents federal funding of abortion, just like Congressman Walden has for the last twenty years.

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