▶️ Oregon restaurants receive relief funds, struggle with staff shortages


This month, the government aims to help restaurants financially by distributing Restaurant Revitalization Funds through the $28.6 billion restaurant relief program, championed by Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

“We know restaurants and bars have lost over $200 billion dollars in revenue through no fault of their own,” Blumenauer said. “Millions of restaurant workers lost their jobs. This is a lifeline that’s going to help restore, move forward.”

Blumenauer said around 1,000 Oregon restaurants were approved to receive grants, totaling $138 million in relief.

“We’re hard at work now in Congress to see if we can replenish that fund because of this overwhelming demand,” Blumenauer said.

But locally, that financial relief in the coming weeks might be short-lived, as restaurants face another challenge in Central Oregon. 

Many restaurants can’t find enough employees to fully reopen.

Jackson’s Corner closed its east side location in Bend this past weekend due to a staffing shortage.

A sign on the Eastside location door reads, “We, among many others, are struggling to hire and cannot sustain the wellbeing of our rock star staff we call family, while also maintaining the volume at both restaurants.” 

Across town, McMenamins is aiming to overcome its hiring struggles by offering a $1,000 signing bonus for cook positions.


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