▶️ ODOT releases new ‘dogbone’ concept design for Lower Bridge Way


The Oregon Department of Transportation has announced a new construction concept at Highway 97 and Lower Bridge Way – a historically dangerous intersection in Terrebonne.

It’s called a “dogbone” and it manages traffic similar to a roundabout.

“There’s a lot of accidents every .. every week there practically,” said 17-year Terrebonne resident Shelly Lehmen. “So, several times a week sometimes. So, definitely needs to do something.”

“There’s accidents out there weekly,” said 11-year Terrebonne resident Joshua Dopkins, “We need to do something to alleviate that and make our town a little bit more safe.” 

The new design would turn Lower Bridge Way would add a small bridge on Highway 97 overtop of the “dogbone” concept.

“We think having this “dogbone” instead of just a circle provides better access on both sides and keeps traffic moving more smoothly,” said ODOT spokesman Peter Murphy.

ODOT will spend $20 million on the project and Deschutes County is adding $10 million.

“We get the plan together; we get approval from local authorities and those that live in the area, and we hear what they have to say and then we solidify the map,” said Murphy. “Following the map, we make sure everyone is in agreement, find the money for it and then we turn dirt.

The agency plans to begin construction in 2023 and will hold an open house later this spring.

So far, the feedback has been positive.

“I think it is going to be wonderful,” said Lehman. “I am glad to see them doing that.”

“I think this is a great idea,” said Dopkins. “I think we need to do something about the traffic problems we have here in Terrebonne, and I think this is a great step to move forward on getting this fixed.”


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