▶️ No shirt, no mask, no service? Local stores prepare for new mandate


On Wednesday, the governor’s mandate to wear a face mask when going into an indoor public space takes effect.

The question we’ve been wondering is what happens if you forget a mask?

Will you be turned away?

The answer depends upon the store.

“We’ve been doing it–recommending masks–since the beginning and handing out masks if somebody wants one,” said Aaron Price, store director of the Bend Food 4 Less. “I think the majority of our customers are pretty agreeable.”

It isn’t going as smoothly in other parts of the country.

Two brothers being escorted out of a Van Nuys, California Target store for not wearing masks got into a scuffle with security that resulted in a broken arm for one of the officers.

The subjects were charged with assault.

A few days ago a woman in a North Hollywood Trader Joe’s threw her groceries on the ground as she argued with store staff about not wearing a mask.

She said she had a breathing problem and her doctor would not let her wear a mask.

“I was very upset,” the unidentified woman said. “They wouldn’t listen to me. They did not question the man harassing me. They were telling me to leave and I continued yelling.”

We asked Target, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertsons and Walmart how they will deal with the Oregon mandate to wear face masks in their Central Oregon stores.

Target and Walmart said they will comply with local requirements.

Fred Meyer, Albertsons and Safeway did not respond to our inquiries.

“There’s not really a middle ground on this. Most people heavily agree or people don’t,” Price said. “I do foresee some issues at retailers statewide, especially grocery stores where there are so many people.”


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