▶️ No Appt. Needed: Redmond fairgrounds COVID vax clinic opens to walk-ins


The mass vaccination clinic in Redmond hit a big milestone Friday administering its 100,000th dose.   

Saturday it takes a new step, as the fairgrounds clinic will accept walk-ins.

No need to pre-register, no need to go online, no need to make an appointment.

Just show up at the Redmond Fairgrounds and get a COVID vaccine Saturday.

“People can just show up tomorrow from 12 to 2,” said Deputy Incident Commander for Deschutes County Molly Wells Darling. “They don’t need to bring anything, it is free. They don’t need ID, they don’t need insurance, if they have that great, they can bring it, but they can come in with their families as long as they are over 16 and get vaccinated.”

First-dose appointments will only be offered at the Mass Vaccination Clinic through the end of next week.

“We have heard from the community that they would like to be able to walk-in at a time that is convenient for them,” said Wells Darling. “So, we are trialling that tomorrow to work out the kinks so hopefully in the future we can do some walk-in clinics.”

 Pre-registration for vaccine appointments is no longer required.

“We’ve gotten through all our pre-registered individuals, sent out links to those individuals, those that wanted an appointment were able to schedule,” she added.

The clinic will continue through the end of May to complete second-dose appointments.

“So we have vaccines available, and we have appointments available for people to sign-up for at their convenience or they can walk in Saturday and they can walk in next week,” said Wells Darling about having more doses than arms to put them in.

Any leftover doses go to primary care doctor clinics or pharmacies.


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