▶️ Nightclub’s liquor license revocation raises industry awareness of COVID safety rules


The OLCC revoked a Bend nightclub’s liquor license this week and other businesses in the industry took notice.

Seven, located on Bond St. in downtown Bend, can contest the charges against them, but until then, the club can’t serve alcohol.

Deschutes Brewery, located across the street from Seven, says they’re not letting the same thing happen to them.

“Our staff has bills to pay, they have families, and if we want them to stay employed we have to stay open,” Brenda Freitas, pub floor manager said. “You know I always make the joke that if the governor told us to wear blue hats on Fridays to stay open, I’d be handing everybody a blue hat.”

Freitas says it’s frustrating to see other businesses not following guidelines.

“I mean I don’t want to judge anybody,” Freitas said. “But it is difficult to see places breaking rules when you’re trying really hard to keep them.”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission had several issues with downtown Bend’s Seven Nightclub over the summer.

On Halloween, they got more than just a slap on the wrist.

Occurring just hours after all employees were walked through social distancing, sanitation, and face-covering requirements by an OLCC inspector.

“There were agreements, there were acknowledgments of what needed to be done,” Bryant Haley, OLCC alcohol spokesperson said. “When the inspector returned back at 9:40 that evening those precautions were not in place.”

Haley says the inspector saw groups of people at the bar with no masks on.

The manager of Seven acknowledged to the OLCC’s inspector that there was a lack of control over patrons.

Central Oregon Daily reached out to the owner of Seven for comment and did not receive a response.


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