▶️ New Mt. Bachelor ‘Fast Tracks’ option rankles some locals ahead of ski season


First tracks at Mt. Bachelor this year might come at an additional cost.

The ski area on Monday announced a new “Fast Tracks” season pass and daily lift ticket upgrade option that gives snowriders the ability to bypass lift lines.

“New for the season will be Fast Tracks. That is a new dedicated express lane that will be at all chairlifts besides Early Riser, Alpenglow, and Rainbow,” said Leigh Capozzi, Mt. Bachelor brand and marketing director.

Capozzi says the additions allow Mt. Bachelor to enhance the guest experience.

But the new option has upset some locals who say it caters to tourists in the name of cash and overlooks a community.

The pass is available for anyone to purchase, but only a limited number are available each day.

Capozzi says that number hasn’t been set yet.

David Marchi, season pass holder and owner of Crow’s Feet: A Mountain Collective, thinks Fast Tracks will create a divide within the ski community.

“When we’re up on the mountain and we’re outside, everybody’s equal,” Marchi said. “When you start to see this kind of thing happen, then it just draws away from the actual culture of skiing. Like I grew up skiing all my life and my parents worked at the mountain, and we wouldn’t have been able to ski otherwise.”

There will be three tiers of pricing including midweek, weekend and holiday starting at $49 – on top of season passes that cost $1,000 and daily lift tickets that cost up to $169.

“It’s already a financial resource challenge for true skiers to pay for a pass, let alone now having to deal with a situation where people can pay more for a scarcity. And I say scarcity in terms of fresh lines and powder skiing, which is what a lot of people choose to spend their time doing,” Marchi said. “It wreaks of privilege.”

Marchi is not the only one who sees Fast Tracks as “unnecessary.”

A few posts on the Mt. Bachelor Conditions public Facebook page, which is not run by Mt. Bachelor, have led to a petition with over 1,100 signatures.

One member writes, “Mt Bachelor Fast Track should be included with Annual Passes…Make your voice heard and spend the word. Dont [sic] spend your money at #mtbachelor.”

Numerous local pass holders are expressing online that Mt. Bachelor should take a stand against its owner Powdr, a ski resort operations company that launched the Fast Tracks plan at its other resorts.

Marchi also wondered whether management at Mt. Bachelor had any say in the Fast Tracks plan.

“These kind of actions that happen at a corporate level are kind of disgusting to me,” Marchi said. “That’s a reason why they [mountain-goers] moved to Central Oregon, is because of the great mountain that we have at Mount Bachelor.”

Fast Tracks can be purchased starting November 1st and the ski area hopes to open on Black Friday.


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