▶️ NeighborImpact office at Warm Springs helps and employs community


After serving her community as a teacher for nearly a decade, Dorothea Thurby is now helping at a new outreach center.

“I was a teacher for Warm Springs Early Head Start for nine years,” said Dorothea Thurby, the Community Liaison for NeighborImpact. “So I got to know the community members very well and this gives me an opportunity to continue to work with the community.”

The new office is located at the family resource building at the Warm Springs Reservation and offers services such as energy assistance, rental assistance, and financial capability programs.

When opening the new location, NeighborImpact focused on connections between them and the Confederated Tribes and getting tribal members more involved.

“First off, we wanted to provide staff who live in the community and can engage with community members where they as opposed to expecting those in need to travel to other office locations,” said Andrew Spreadborough, the Department Executive Director for NeighborImpact.

This office is one of many collaborations between the Warm Springs Reservation and NeighborImpact.

Earlier this year, the nonprofit set up a food pantry on the reservation to provide healthy options for those who need it.

The pantry provides food for 13% of tribal members.

“So this is going to be a great opportunity to have community members come sign up for energy assistance or any programs that is going to be great for assistance in Warm Springs,” Thurby said.

“I just want to stress that that’s a motivating factor for us here to build that partnership,” Spreadborough said.

Fostering those relationships, to continue giving back.

The office is open for walk-ins on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. till noon or by appointment Monday through Friday.

You can call 541-647-9001 to book an appointment or learn more.


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