▶️ Needle in a haystack? Wash. man helps find a ring in a river


Just three months ago, Chase Lettenmaier tied the knot with his wife Ashley.

It only took him until Mother’s Day to lose his wedding ring — In the bottom of the Deschutes River no less.

“When I got in the car I was pretty heartbroken,” Lettenmaier said. “I called my wife to let her know that I lost the ring, and we were both pretty bummed out about it.”

Lettenmaier never thought he would see his ring again. Until his mom contacted Del Witters. Who is Oregon’s only listed member of the worldwide metal detecting service called The Ring Finders.

Witters says, “It’s something that I enjoy doing. I hate to see a person lose something that I think that I can find.”

Witters drove three hours from Klickitat, Washington to help out. Searching the Deschutes River for three more hours.

“At the end of three hours, I’m sure in the back of people’s mind is it’s not going to happen,” Witters said. “And it doesn’t always happen. I don’t find every ring I go search for.”

But he did find Lettenmaier’s ring. His 47th piece of jewelry found during his time as a Ring Finder.

Lettenmaier says, “I couldn’t even believe my eyes. I literally said “no way” and I called, and I said no you’re messing with me. There’s no way you found this ring.”

Witters may not be a life saver, but Lettenmaier says he is a ring saver.

“Things happen, and he was able to find it and I mean this isn’t Del’s first time,” Lettenmaier said. “And he was able to find it for us. We’re just, we’re very thankful.”


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