▶️ Narrowing down the Hidden Bottle Hunt Clue


Six gold-colored bottles are hidden throughout the state in honor of the 50th anniversary of Oregon’s Bottle Bill and the first clue was released Wednesday.

  • Zone 4 offers a tetrad,
    But you’ll want to go with the current fad.
    Formerly a crook,
    South of Monticello you should now look.

Jefferson, Crook, Deschutes, and Harney County are together as zone four.

“So, it’s kind of fun that with the bottle bill treasure hunt that bottle drop is doing, that one of them is hidden in Central Oregon,” said Deschutes Historical Museum Executive Director Kelly Cannon-Miller.

A new clue is released each day for each bottle location.

Oregon Bottle Drop’s Hidden Bottle Hunt Clue: Day 1

“Zone four offering a tetrad is four, four related, all I can think of is something dog related or a four-legged creature, but I want to go with the current fad and there is where I am kind of stumped, I’m not sure on that,” pondered Bend resident Jennifer Cruse.

Maybe to solve the clue in the present, you might look to the past.

“I think that knowing the creation of these four counties is really where you are going to want to look,” Cannon-Miller said.

Formerly a Crook.

“Before Deschutes County was created, we and Jefferson County were both part of Crook County,” added Cannon-Miller. “Jefferson broke away from Crook County in 1914 and Deschutes County in 1916. So of those four counties, two of them were originally all part of Crook County.”

South of Monticello you should now look.

“Monticello was the estate of Jefferson so I am thinking it’s something south of Jefferson County where you should now look, but I am stumped on what this might be, where this might be,” Cruse said.

For now, the location of the bottle is a mystery, but the fun continues as a new clue is released every day until July 11.

Each finder gets to keep the bottle and direct a $500 donation to a charity of their choice.


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