▶️ Mt. Bachelor’s new parking reservation system goes live Monday


The days of driving up to Mt. Bachelor any day you want and parking anywhere you want are coming to end.

The ski area’s new parking reservation system goes live Monday in anticipation of the ski season starting early next month (Dec. 7th if the snow flies.)

Mt. Bachelor has said the new system will help maintain the health and safety of its guests and employees this coming season.

Uphill access for people willing to walk up to play in the snow will be permitted through November 29.

That’s where we found a handful of folks enjoying an early season snowfall.

“Oh, just because I love the snow,” said Ryan Linnert of Bend. “I actually work up here at Mount Bachelor. I build terrain parks for Woodward and Mount Bachelor. I’ve been pretty much laid off since March of last winter. I’m itching to get back at it.”

“Just saw it was snowing up in the mountains and decided to come check it out Brought our sled. Hoping there’s enough snow to do some sledding,” said SOT Dan Gilfoye, Bend.

Jackson Gilfoye said he wanted to “eat snow, have snowball fights, and build snow forts.”

Back to that advanced parking reservation system. It’s free but requires anyone who wants to drive up to the mountain in a private vehicle to book a parking space in advance.

Beginning Monday at 7 am, Mount Bachelor will begin accepting two types of parking reservations:

Advance Days which can be scheduled over the entire season.

Advance reservations will be capped 7 days at one time for each guest. When you use one of your advance days, a day opens back up. Advance Days reservations can be used for events known in advance such as vacations, and when friends come to visit.

Week-of reservations can be scheduled — as the name implies–the week of. Once the season is underway, Week-of reservations will open up. Any individual can hold up to 14 week-of parking reservations at a time. That may appeal to folks who like to ski multiple days in a row, during storms for example.

Same day reservations are possible as additional parking spaces are released and others cancel their parking reservations.

Here’s the four steps:

Guests will need to reserve a parking spot for the day they want to visit.

They’ll receive a confirmation email that should be kept in a safe place, whether on the phone or printed out.

When the guest arrives, a parking lot attendant will scan the QR code from the confirmation email.

Then the guest can park and go shred.

Drop offs are allowed without a reservation at both the Sunrise and West Village lodges.

Whether you are coming up for a few powder laps, a morning Nordic session or a less, yoiu will need advance parking reservations when the mountain opens December 7.

If you don’t have a reservation, they’ll turn you around right here at the entrance to the parking lot and send you back.


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