▶️ Mountainview lacrosse players celebrated in drive-by senior night

With spring sports cancelled this year, coaches have been getting creative with ways to honor graduating seniors.

Coach Dan Marut decided to host a drive-by celebration for seniors on the lacrosse team at Mountainview High School.

Friday night, more than a dozen cars driven by coaches, alumni and teammates convoyed to houses around Bend to honor seniors who didn’t get a final season.

“Part of it is closure,” Dan Marut, head coach for the lacrosse club at Mountainview, said. “You have spring sports that are usually the last sports that kids are going to play in their high school career and senior night is great closure for them. With graduation and their spring semester taken away, at least we can give this period to honor them.”

The lacrosse club only got a week of practice before their season was canceled.

Marut said players usually look forward to senior nights. The drive-by night was a way to make seniors feel appreciated amid an unusual year.


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