▶️ ‘More confident, more safe,’ Touchmark senior facility fully vaccinated


One year into the pandemic and some of the most vulnerable populations are receiving their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village, a senior living community in Bend expressed what it was like to get residents fully vaccinated.

“This last year has been a year of challenge,” said Touchmark Executive Director Scott Neil. “It’s been a year of opportunity; growth and it has drawn us closer together in ways that we did not think were possible and were certainly unexpected.”

Touchmark had 22 COVID cases at its facility, eight of those cases were residents.

“With our first case there was a great amount of fear and trepidations,” Neil said. “It was hard for residents because we had to create that isolation for people.”

Recreational classes were canceled and dining was confined to individual rooms.

“The mental health component, the emotional component is very significant because many people live here because of the socialization,” Neil said.

Touchmark’s last COVID case was discovered on February 4th.

Now, 96% of the residents and workers have had their second dose of the COVID vaccine.

“They feel more confident, they feel more safe, knowing that if there is potential exposure to COVID,” Neil added. “They feel like they have better protection because of the vaccine.”

He’s hopeful some recreation classes and more visitation can return in the next couple months.


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