▶️ Mid-April snow brings flurry of people to Mt. Bachelor


It’s here, there, everywhere, and what everyone is talking about: the snow.

A nuisance in town, sure, but the early spring flakes are hyping up the snow-riders at Mt. Bachelor.

Walking through the snow engulfed parking lot at West Village, not a single spot was left open; unless you wanted to park in the woods.

“It’s like, bring it on. Bring it on. Let’s go,” said Mt. Bachelor employee Michael Carmona on his day off.

“Stoke levels are through the roof right now,” said Jackson Mcaffee, a frequent mountain-goer.

“Oh my gosh it was so deep,” said Jennifer Grigsby, who arrived at 8am Wednesday morning to ski, “It was so crazy. My legs are on fire.”

Reactions you’d expect to hear in December or January… but mid-April? 

“It’s a great day for snow,” said Dustin Fletcher, the Interim Director of Marketing for Mt. Bachelor.

During our interview, freezing winds bit at both of our faces.

At the North end of the Summit, wind speeds reach 97 miles per hour.

It’s such a great day for snow, that parked cars from early risers are seeing more white than a way out.

“What were you doing there a second ago?” I asked Max Haglofs-Mccallum, a visitor from Seattle.

“Shoveling snow,” he said, referring to digging up his family’s camper from deep in the snow.

“And how is that going for you?”

“Hard,” Haglofs-Mccallum said with a sigh.

Mt. Bachelor has received more than 2 feet of snow this week, 12 inches last night alone, sinking the famous snow stick.

The snow’s attracting more guests than usual at the tail end of Mt. Bachelor’s season.

“We’ve seen some higher visitation especially for this time of year in April and especially mid-week,” Fletcher said.

Though the mountain has begun to trim down its staff due to the typical end of the winter season, officials say that services are not impacted.

“Our staffing is lower but we all show up and we’re ready to do this and get the mountain open as fast as we possibly can,” Fletcher said.

For Mt. Bachelor, the snow arrived just in time for the Subaru Winter Fest this weekend, as well as the upcoming Woodward Peace Park starting the 20th.

For the visitors “send-ing” it on the slopes, the extra powder is celebrated.

Frost fans even frequently cheered before hopping on the main lift.

“The powder is awesome,” Haglofs-Mccallum said “It’s been really deep, but it’s been really fun as well.”

“It’s so exciting because it makes it feel like the season is still in swing,” Grigsby said.

“Don’t really want to slide out, so now I can actually send things,” Mcaffee said.

“Just don’t really have to worry as much about clipping edges and you can just tear through that powder-like butter,” said Shae Galloway, Mcaffee’s friend.

With even more snow on the way, expect the mood at Mt. Bachelor to be even brighter than the snow in sunlight.


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